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October 25 2017

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Soundsuits - Nick Cave

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Pizzeria Jesus. Naples, November 2015.

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October 23 2017

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October 22 2017

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rabbit island

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Recognize any of these fwriends? Share a #happythought with us and our friendship network. We will send our top #happythought a special gift! Our world is heavy rn but we don’t have to be! Detail of our new piece, Small World, 2017 Plastiline in steel frame
43" x 3" x 52"
#art #friends #sculpture #magic #memory #healing #device #cute #kawaii #everybody #love #friendswithyou #samandtury #plastiline #totem share a #happythought

October 21 2017

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ink 1&2

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vigilance / deceit
#illustration #wolf #snake #artforsale #artistatwork #artistsoninstagram

October 20 2017

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Dong Kingman - watercolors from 55 Days at Peking

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Nicole Kidman photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US, September 2017

October 18 2017



“The cruel seas, remember, took him in November" 

England, 1592  

Well, that’s a story starter if ever I saw one.

October 17 2017

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Eugen Bracht

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October 16 2017

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All of us as women have a friend, or a relative, or have gone through [some kind of abuse] ourselves. There are all of these playful sort of comments on Big Little Lies about women’s manipulation or women’s dirty secrets, but in fact the biggest little lie is how we carry shame about what men have done. We have to learn to use our voice to protect ourself and each other, because there is no shame in what another person has done to us, and it’s time to defend ourselves and demand to be treated with respect. That’s such a profound thought—I just felt privileged to be a part of that story.
— Laura Dern (via missdontcare-x)
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October 15 2017

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Deep sea crab feeding on bioluminescent algae.

deep sea crab brimming with immesurable power

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花と白文鳥 Anemone and White

153×70mm, Eraser prints, yasuko aoyama  1. 2017

October 14 2017

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